Topic 3: Reflective Summary

This week’s blog post took me a little longer than usual to gather my thoughts – I got distracted by wanting to read more facts and articles, whilst being attracted to articles about graduate jobs (behaviour typical of a final year university student, unfortunately!).

However, my additional research did lead me to two insightful videos, which I finally discovered how to embed within the body of my text.  This allowed me to rely less on images for visual content and try something new, whilst supporting my argument.  I was similarly pleased to follow up on my reflective summary from Topic 1:  opening a blog post with a quote outside from the set reading.

Tamara’s blog post stood out to me this week because of its clarity and creativity.   I liked the tone and structure of her blog.  I thought it was interesting how we raised the same point on consistency, but with slightly contrasting angles.  My point encouraged consistency with blogging, and a consistent ‘brand’ image, whereas Tamara raised a valid point on consistency with content and social media accounts.  Tamara also provided a great answer in response to my question about people going ‘offline’ in their job hunt.

Aliyu’s blog post was also really engaging, and I loved the inclusion of the Seth Godin quote.  Although I didn’t initially understand her closing point (the #DearMe hashtag), I understood its relevance later throughout the week when I saw it on Twitter.  I thought this was a really interesting way to relate our UOSM2008 blog posts to current internet stories.

Though I didn’t have enough words to relate my personal experience within this week’s blog, I did find this week’s topic really relevant as a student in my final year approaching the world of work.  I particularly enjoyed being able to read how recruitment is affected by the internet, and reflect on how this tied in with Topic 2.


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